CGPA – Chapter 104

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

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Chapter One Hundred and Four

Su Yuyang piggybacked Ling Miao home. Once home, Su Yuyang lay on the sofa and didn’t move at all, but that hateful face kept surfacing before his eyes as if egging him on to post the clarification thread.

Su Yuyang clicked into the forums. The callout thread Tang Xuan had made was on the first page. Su Yuyang copied the thread URL and began to write his own.

Ling Miao must have been woken by his hunger, because the moment he awoke he complained about being hungry. Su Yuyang had ordered takeout while writing the thread, so when he heard Ling Miao say he was hungry, he immediately went to the kitchen to heat up the food.

Su Yuyang carried the food back to the living room. Ling Miao sat in front of the laptop, staring intently at the screen. Su Yuyang didn’t know what he was looking at.

Su Yuyang sat at Ling Miao’s side and Ling Miao felt the light darken around him. He turned to look at Su Yuyang and asked, “You knew all along it was Tang Xuan who posted the thread?”

Ling Miao pointed at the screen. Under his finger were the QQ logs of Su Yuyang and Tang Xuan’s conversation.

“When you said the thread was posted by ProfessionalHoleDigger, I guessed it was him. Then I went to find Tang Xuan to confirm and it really was him.” Su Yuyang put the dishes in front of Ling Miao. “The food’s warmed up. You should eat.”

“I remember you saying that you were on the forums for a couple years. How come the account you used to post the thread was registered today?” Ling Miao asked curiously as he ate.

Su Yuyang let out a long ‘Aaaaaah.’ His strange tone of voice made Ling Miao’s gooseflesh rise. Su Yuyang clicked on the plagiarism callout thread and scrolled the mouse wheel, stopping on the first reply. He pointed at the ID and said, “That was originally my account. Tang Xuan also knows the account password and he must have changed it at some point.”

Ling Miao leaned forward to see. Fuck, it’s ProfessionalHoleDigger.

What? The ProfessionalHoleDigger account used to belong to Su Yuyang?

Ling Miao looked at Su Yuyang in shock. He couldn’t close his mouth, which was full of food, so some fell out. Su Yuyang got a tissue to clean a grain of rice from the corner of Ling Miao’s mouth and said with a smile, “Look at you. The food’s all falling out. Shut your mouth and swallow.”

Ling Miao obediently shut his mouth and swallowed his food. Then he looked at Su Yuyang in a daze, confusion written in his eyes.

A terrifying thought surfaced in Su Yuyang’s mind: Did I knock him silly?

“Damn it!” Ling Miao suddenly shouted excitedly. “Ha ha! Tang Xuan and I really are fated to be archenemies!”

Ling Miao’s eyes shone with the fervor of a starving vagabond who had seen exquisitely delicious food. Su Yuyang was, in turn, confused by Ling Miao’s words and asked, “How are you and he fated archenemies?”

“I told you before, right? ProfessionalHoleDigger is a dedicated Shu Yang hater, while I’m your die-hard fan. It’s pretty normal that we don’t see eye to eye. But among your online haters, he’s my only archenenemy. And there’s a reason for that.

“He said before that all the novels he reads are the official releases, except for yours, which he pirates.

“My issues with him started with that. Since then, I keep a watch on all the threads he posts. If there’s anything I can shoot him down on, I won’t have mercy.”

Ling Miao pridefully angled his head like a cat demanding a reward from its owner. Su Yuyang understood Ling Miao’s meaning and rubbed Ling Miao’s head. With a gentle, flirtatious tone he teased, “Childish, dumb cat.”

Ling Miao put down the bowl and batted away the hand Su Yuyang had placed on his head. He said angrily, “Yes, I’m childish. What can you do about it?”

Su Yuyang caught the back of Ling Miao’s head and fiercely kissed Ling Miao’s lips. “I like you like this.”

“Su Yuyang, what’s gotten into you today?”

“Xiao Miao, I’m scared of losing you.” Su Yuyang rested his forehead against Ling Miao’s collarbone, his arm encircling Ling Miao even tighter. “When you hit Tang Xuan, did you not think about the consequences? If you hurt him and he called the police…”

Su Yuyang didn’t continue but he had already gotten his meaning across to Ling Miao.

Now that Su Yuyang reminded him, a wave of regret rushed up in Ling Miao’s heart. He said in self-blame, “When I saw his hateful face and heard him threatening you, I couldn’t control myself so I hit him.”

“In the future, don’t be so rash,” Su Yuyang kissed Ling Miao and said.

“But how did Tang Xuan know where we were?” Ling Miao said thoughtfully. “Was he following us?”

Ling Miao’s words reminded Su Yuyang of something and he sank into deep thought.

Ling Miao continued refreshing the thread and explaining the situation to the fangroup.

Su Yuyang’s thread had already gotten many replies. Some people impugned Su Yuyang’s character and said they would move from the position of passerby to anti-fan. Some people said that it was ‘seriously bitchy’ for Tang Xuan, who had previously dumped Su Yuyang, to want to reconcile now that that Su Yuyang had made his name. Some said that Tang Xuan was trying to do damage now that his attempt at reconciliation had been rejected. Some said that Tang Xuan was taking the opportunity to blackmail Su Yuyang.

Reading the myriad responses in the thread, panic grew in Ling Miao’s heart. He looked for Tang Xuan’s response but didn’t find it.

He scrolled to the end of the thread but still hadn’t found a reply from Tang Xuan.

“Surely two punches from me aren’t enough to land him in the hospital?” Ling Miao suddenly grew scared.

A pair of hands landed on Ling Miao’s shoulders. Ling Miao put his hands over the person’s hands and said worriedly, “After you posted your thread, Tang Xuan hasn’t replied at all. I’m worried…”

“This thread wasn’t for Tang Xuan to read. Why does it matter whether he replies?” Su Yuyang laughed. “Besides, even if Tang Xuan is following us, so what? What’s he going to do, kidnap us? Mm, there’s a group message.”

Su Yuyang pointed at the laptop and Ling Miao returned his attention to it. He read the new message in the group and patiently replied.

Su Yuyang’s thread wasn’t very timely but it assuaged the unease in people’s hearts.

The plagiarism incident had passed, as long as Tang Xuan didn’t appear again to disturb the peace.

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