Chapter 025 – It Doesn’t Hurt

Translator: Helliot

Editor: P’Raikantopeni

“That’s right. It’s your fault. You’re the one who killed Manyu and my child. You’re the reason my life was messed up during those days. It’s all your fault!” he accused ruthlessly.

Pursing his lips, Meng Fu swallowed all of his pain into his heart.

It was completely useless to plead.

He knew that Gu Ze had already steeled his heart.

The smell of blood lingered in the air. He had no idea whether Gu Ze could feel any pleasure from this, but for him, the pain had numbed all of his senses.

Gu Ze’s palms were on his waist. Every so often, they would move over his back, pinning him down. Besides that, he did not do much else to vent his hatred, his anger, or his budding affection.

After finally releasing his desires, he dressed himself and looked at Meng Fu who was crumpled on the bed.

It was only for a few seconds before he shut the door and left.

Leaning against the door, Gu Ze held his forehead in thought for a long time. He could hear his heart beating irregularly inside his chest. The back of a certain someone seemed to have disrupted his original heart rate.

It shouldn’t have been this way.

All at once, his hatred had morphed into something ridiculous.

Meng Fu crawled with much difficulty to the bathroom to clean himself. Then, in pain, he slept till the next day before thinking about his current situation. It was impossible for him to pass out flyers in this state, but fortunately, this temporary job didn’t require him to specifically inform anyone to take the day off.

Ye Yan had already taken Meng Yi out early on in the day, so he took a cab alone to the hospital he visited last time.

The young doctor didn’t seem surprised to see Meng Fu again. He treated his wounds and administered the drip just like before, constantly chattering under his breath, “Why can’t young people these days learn some restraint?”

Meng Fu felt very embarrassed, blushing subconsciously.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally asked, “Doctor, could I ask you a question?”

“What question?”

He lightly licked his dry lips, finding it difficult to speak. His voice was extremely quiet. “How can I make it not hurt?”

The doctor suddenly froze. How could this person ask such an immature question?

He answered him casually, “Can’t your man be just a little gentler? If you don’t go at it too hard, then it won’t hurt as much.”

Telling Gu Ze to be gentler was completely out of the question. That man’s very intention was to cause him pain.


He wasn’t good with pain.

“Is there any other way?”

A meaningful smile appeared on the doctor’s face. “Both you and your boyfriend can’t be virgins, right?” Seeing Meng Fu look down, he understood. Sure enough, neither of them had experience. “Before having sex, you must stretch it out properly. Unlike with a woman, some lubricant is needed between men. Just to be on the safe side, it’s also best to use protection. Of course, skills are also important. Try to study some videos when you get home.”

The doctor spoke about the topic very indifferently as if he were just giving Meng Fu a simple biology lesson. On the other hand, Meng Fu was the one whose face was completely red from shame.

During the drip, the doctor handed him a physiology health book. “Here, for you. Study it properly. Don’t come to the hospital for something like this again.”

Just as he lifted up Meng Fu’s free hand that was not connected to the drip, someone knocked on the door and came inside. “Dr. Fang, remember the meeting tonight at 7.”

Meng Fu quickly turned away and put the book on the other side of the bed to conceal it.

“What an honor for the Great Beauty Yi to come and call me herself.” The doctor was all smiles.

A long time later, Meng Fu wondered if he had not turned his head during that time, if he had taken a clear look at Great Beauty Yi, then would he have been able to avoid the unexpected pain that followed?

Despite the pain, he still endured it and went to work at the nightclub. He could not lose his job again, and besides, it was a job given to him by Di Jun. When his colleagues saw his bad complexion, they thought he was sick, so they didn’t make him do much.

His steps were clearly not as agile as before.

“I saw Mr. Gu take you into his car yesterday.”

A voice suddenly popped up behind him like a ghost. Meng Fu turned around to see that it was that Chief Liang who was always with Gu Ze.

The deeper meaning hidden behind his words was clear. Fearing that he would be subjected to even more unpleasant words, he tried to pick up his pace and get away.

“What are you in such a hurry for?” Chief Liang was two steps faster and obstructed his path. “Once Gu Ze’s had enough of you, it’ll be my turn.”

Meng Fu’s face suddenly paled. Looking at Chief Liang’s smug back, the sentence undoubtedly felt like a ticking time bomb. Once Gu Ze has tortured him enough, then he would fall into an even deeper abyss of endless torment.

At 2 a.m., he got off work and came home. Thinking that the way home was just a half-hour walk, there was no need for him to waste money on a cab. However, he didn’t expect his walk home to take so long due to the pain.

He had to stop and rest often, walking only a short distance at a time.

Gu Ze watched Meng Fu lean against the wall and rest, stopping far away from him. From the darkness, he could faintly spy Meng Fu’s pale lips, and he suddenly thought of the man’s beautiful shoulder blades from last night.

Like a fluttering butterfly.

A butterfly whose wings were ripped apart by his own hands.

His heart began to beat uncontrollably again.

This kind of feeling was unbearable. Perhaps it was hate, perhaps he hated him so much that his heart began to jump irregularly, so he thought.

Sometimes, when a person is thinking of another person, they often follow their heart when they’re looking for a partner. Xie Zhenzhen was squatting under Meng Fu’s house, sitting on the steps and playing on her phone.

The bright light illuminating her face made her look pale.

After playing for a long time, she was bored. She bounced to her feet poked her head out to check the intersection, hoping Meng Fu would come back soon.

“Meng Fu, you’re back!” She rushed over happily and gave him a big hug.

It was as if they’d never been apart, like an ordinary girlfriend waiting for her boyfriend.

“It’s so late, why are you here? How do you know that I’m living here?” He pulled Xie Zhenzhen away. When he saw the girl’s lips turning purple from the cold, he felt some heartache for her.

“I asked Jiang Hui for your address,” she answered, “I waited a long time for you to come back.”

They’d promised not to see each other again, but when Xie Zhenzhen came to wait in front of him this way, his heart turned soft again.

“I’ll call a cab for you. It’s cold at night so you should hurry home.”

“I’m not leaving. I’m not asking to get back together, so you don’t have to be so nervous. Can’t you take me up to your house and have a seat? Just take me in for the night.” Xie Zhenzhen hid her feelings and tried to put on a relaxed act.

Ultimately, his apprehension could not win over his soft heart

He poured Xie Zhenzhen a cup of warm water and thoughtfully turned on the heater for her. Then, he sat next to her and asked, “Did something happen?”

Separated by the door, Gu Ze grit his teeth, hatred filling his eyes.

Meng Fu, Meng Fu. He had many reasons to be angry. Perhaps it was because he couldn’t stand the possibility of Meng Fu and Xie Zhenzhen getting back together, couldn’t stand the possibility of Meng Fu gaining happiness, or perhaps, he couldn’t stand the two of them being alone in a room together.

“How can there be so many people in this world who are in love with each other?” He sighed.

Meng Fu could keenly sense that something must have happened with Xie Zhenzhen. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve only just found out how much of a bastard my fiance is. He cheated on me and even beat me. Meng Fu, look at how stupid I am. I should have held onto you firmly. Even if you said you wanted to break up, I shouldn’t have given up. We’re in love, aren’t we? Why should I care what others think? So what if you’ve been to prison? I don’t care, Meng Fu. Don’t get mad at me for having other boyfriends during those years, alright?” Her eyes were wet with tears, and she grabbed onto Meng Fu’s hand as if they were her lifeline.

“I’m not angry, Zhenzhen.” He watched Xie Zhenzhen hold his hand, feeling slightly uneasy.

Broken people, broken strings.

And the undeniable fact of him being an ex-convict would never go away.

“Then, can you kiss me?” Xie Zhenzhen came closer, eyes glistening with tears.

Meng Fu turned his eyes away and gently drew back his hands. “Zhenzhen, it’s not worth it. You should go rest in my room. It’s getting late.”

Her tears fell involuntarily, but Xie Zhenzhen stubbornly wiped them away with her hand. “Meng Fu, Meng Fu…” She called out to him. Then, she took off her top. “Give me a child.”

Meng Fu saw the bruises on her shoulder, which should have been inflicted by his fiancé. He reached over to pull her clothes back on. “Zhenzhen.”

“Give me a child. We don’t have to be together, that doesn’t matter. I just want a child that belongs to the both of us. Please?” Tears streamed down her cheeks, falling into the hollow between her collarbones.

He lifted his hand to wipe away her tears, unable to stop the aching of his heart. Xie Zhenzhen jumped into his arms, but his arms were stiffly raised. He wanted to embrace her, but in the end, he didn’t.