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Vol 2 Chapter 26 – The End

Translator: PandaWu Editor: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria.     Wen Jiubo lowered his bow, watching us in silence. I did not know what to do, I searched my pocket but could not find any tissues. The wound on my chest ached. “Do you think… Do you all think we want to do this?!” At this moment, […]

Chapter 015

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     Listening to the sound of Ling Miao’s even breathing, Su Yuyang felt a rush of anger—if Ling Miao hadn’t been a busybody and deleted the queued chapter, Su Yuyang wouldn’t have had to waste more than two hours re-editing the same chapter. Even worse, the culprit felt no remorse […]

Chapter 090 – Carnal Feast! (NSFW)

Translator: PKitty Editor: Espada Quality Checker: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria     In that case, Grandfather…”   Zhang Heng’s grandfather sighed as he could only compromise.   “If you like him, continue to do so and follow your heart. The world is huge and vastly populated. After all, it isn’t easy for you to meet someone you […]

Chapter 072 – The Miserable SI

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka     The knocking on the door woke Yan Jin from his dreams. When he opened his eyes, the images from his dreams faded away like the tide. Before his eyes was the giant chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The glaring light stunned Yan Jin for a moment. I haven’t had […]

Chapter 014

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     Ling Miao tipped the burned food in the pot into the trash, then filled the pot with cold water and put it back on the stove. “I hope this can be washed clean.” Having said his piece Ling Miao turned to leave, but Su Yuyang stepped in front of […]

Chapter 071 – Needless Doubt

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka     Yan Jin got caught up in his thoughts. Needless to say, this jewelry box design was very, very familiar to him… After searching for so many years, just as he was about to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Yan Jin suddenly got cold feet. There […]

Vol 2 Chapter 25 – The Memory She Hid

Translator: PandaWu Editor: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria.     “Enough!” Moxue shouted abruptly and interrupted us. The look on her face revealed her mixed feelings – anger, sadness, loneliness and some others that I could not tell. She shouted furiously, showing me her fangs, “You are a human, just a human! Why do you speak […]

Chapter 013

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     “You bastard!” Ling Miao grabbed a plastic bottle lying next to his hand and threw it at Su Yuyang, but the bottle hit the door. “If there’s a mark on the door, your pay’s getting docked!” Su Yuyang’s emotionless voice sounded. “If I can’t get my document back, you […]

Chapter 070 – Designing Objects Other Than Jewelry

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka     As the Ragnarok competition came to an end, the Autumn Release Conference had officially begun. Compared to previous conferences, this year’s event had apparently stood out from the others. An individual design winning against major brand corporate works; Mr. Mystery, the mystery designer whose identity was unknown; City S’s […]

Chapter 089 – An Unexpected Turn

Translator: PKitty Editor: Espada Quality Checker: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria     In the kitchen, Gu Zhun held a knife once again. Gu Zhun’s hand trembled as he held the kitchen knife while his other hand pressed down the fish that was ready to be filleted. The knife was raised into the air but it did not […]