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The Earthling’s little shop | 地球人的小商铺 by 醉饮长歌 – Review

Title: 地球人的小商铺| The Earthling’s little shop Author: 醉饮长歌 | zuì yǐn cháng gē Original Publisher: JJWXC   Summary: Liu Ze, a handsome face and long legs, height of 1.80m, an eligible bachelor with excellent career prospects. After picking up some portable real estate, he established a new dream— Fire his foolish boss and return home […]

Monster Apartment | 妖怪公寓 by 醉饮长歌 – Review

Title: 妖怪公寓 | Monster Apartment Author: 醉饮长歌 | zuì yǐn cháng gē Original Publisher: JJWXC Summary: Gu Bai carried his drawing board, and moved into a terrific apartment building. He realised that on his left lived a Headline Queen, on his right side a veteran film emperor, and when he went out to take the […]

So What If You’ve Been Reborn

重生算什么S So What If You’ve Been Reborn Author: 天堂放逐者 Publisher: jjwxc Status in original country: completed Reviewed by: winter — In the main character Cheng He’s life, lunatics harboring a very deep prejudice towards him would often appear and do some strange things. One time after Cheng He got rid of a group of assassins and found […]

Mo Shang Hua Kai

陌上花開 Mo Shang Hua Kai Author: 黑白剑妖 Publisher:  —- Status in original country: Complete Reviewed by: DragonaireAbsolvare “When the Mo-flowers blossom, you shall return to my side…” The laid-back, leisurely, love story of an Emperor and the Assistant Minister of Rites. The kind of marvellous story that you don’t find, even in fairytales. It has no villain, […]

Cat K

고양이K Cat K Author: 뜅굴이 Publisher: Bookcube Status in original country: Completed Reviewed by: itikky   A spoiled Korean guy from a rich family gets randomly transported to the middle of a forest and promptly gets tricked by an old witch and turned into a black cat. He hates everything about this and escapes into […]