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Gong Xi Fatt Chai 2019 ~ Welcoming the Year of the Pig with Two Succulent Projects

To our fellow Chaleurians~ 祝你们新年快乐 Wishing all of you a Happy Lunar New Year 万事如意 May all your wishes be fulfilled 身体健康 May you be in great health 年年有余 May you be blessed with abundant fortune every year 大吉大利 May you be blessed with good fortune and luck 学业进步 May you do well in school  步步高升 May you climb to greater heights    Welcome to the Year of the Pig, everyone. How’s everyone celebrating the new year? Some of us have been piggying out since the celebrations started. Fufu~ Who can resist good food?   This Lunar New Year...

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Ko-Fi, anyone?

Many of you have asked us for the means to donate to support your favorite translators. You’ve asked and we’ve heard you. Chaleuria’s Ko-Fi page is now live! \o/   Come show your support to your favorite authors! Don’t forget to leave a note~ Notes are wonderful little letters that keeps their spirits high!...

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Chaleuria welcomes Deep In the Act!

  The month of October brings us new tidings. Whilst many await the end of the month for their annual horror movies with their pumpkin chai lattes, we at Chaleuria have decided that we’ll dedicate a new novel to those who can’t deal with horror (aka scaredy-cats like me! Who else has those issues too? :P). We are pleased to introduce our latest addition, Deep in the Act by Tongzi. Kotoni who helms this project (many of whom will recognize her as the translator in training from TLCPS) introduced it to me a few months ago and I fell...

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Chaleuria welcomes The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant!

It sure has been a long while since we’ve made a new announcement, hasn’t it? Six months in and we’re going strong. Thank you, Chaleurians for giving us your on-going support. You’re the reason that we keep doing what we do! Your on-going support helps us let publishing companies know that there is indeed a market for danmei novels internationally. So, please keep sharing our novels to all your friends and family. Help us make this the no. 1 danmei site <3   With that, please welcome the latest addition to our site, “The Complete Guide to the Use...

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Chaleuria celebrates their Twitter launch!

Dear Chaleurians, Our Twitter page is live!     If you’re looking for a place to get real time updates and peek into our translators’ secret world, come follow us! Who knows, you might even get a sneak peak for our upcoming novel launch this month? *hint hint* What are you waiting for? Jump on in!    ...

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