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Chapter 18 – Abnormal

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay Edited by ONI_Ghost Beta read by OEE ~o~       The group set out once more. Ling Mo was in a horrible mood, but he said nothing the entire day. He didn’t fly ahead like usual, he just stayed by Jiang Yao’s side the whole day. As night […]

Chapter 104

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     Su Yuyang piggybacked Ling Miao home. Once home, Su Yuyang lay on the sofa and didn’t move at all, but that hateful face kept surfacing before his eyes as if egging him on to post the clarification thread. Su Yuyang clicked into the forums. The callout thread Tang Xuan […]

Chapter 11: Injury

Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith     Jiang Fan was not that focused, turning his head several times to size up Chen Jingzhi next to him. When Eldest Senior Brother’s recitation came to an end, he finally could not help but ask in a soft voice, “Junior Brother, are you ill?” Chen Jingzhi raised his head […]

Chapter 103

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     Ling Miao’s laughter didn’t last long. A phone call from Tofu made his heart, which had relaxed after much difficulty, clench again. Su Yuyang saw Ling Miao frowning and the faint smile on his face also disappeared. Su Yuyang observed the change in Ling Miao’s expression and his eyes […]

Chapter 10: Nightmare

Translator: Scrya Editor: Angie     This night, Xiaodong didn’t have a pleasant sleep. Though, it couldn’t be said to be unpleasant either. The same dream kept recurring in this one night. In the dream, he was standing in a pitch-black place surrounded by four steep walls. Ice-cold water slowly rose from beneath his feet, […]

Chapter 9: Lying Side By Side

Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith     Actually, Xiaodong feared neither the cold nor the dark. He nimbly laid down the blankets and placed the pillows down properly. He let Senior Brother sleep on the outer end, while he threw off his slippers, took off his outer garments and then snuck into the blanket that was […]

Chapter 8: Snowfall

Translator: Scrya Editor: Angie     Xiaodong was right. Jiang Fan easily found the oil-storing box, which he had dropped next to the well that Xiaodong spoke of. He hurriedly picked it up and used his sleeves to rub the dirt off it. The lid was not tightly shut when the box fell on the […]

Chapter 7: Offerings

Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith     At first, Mo Chen told himself that he should be content after stroking Xiaodong’s head only once. However, after looking at Xiaodong’s expression and recalling that sensation from his hand, he reached out to stroke his head again. In reality, many things were like this. If you don’t try, […]

Chapter 6: Dream Encounter

Translator: Scrya Editor: Angie     Xiaodong was faintly aware that he was in a dream. Many people occasionally experience this. They suddenly become conscious and realize they were dreaming. If they are good dreams, they will likely want to stay for a little while longer. On the other hand, if they are nightmares, they […]