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Vol 1 Chapter 27 – The Ferret and a New Case

Translator: Linc Editor: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria.   The next day had good weather again. The grass was still dewy from the rain yesterday and there were snail trails meandering through the dirt. The sun still rose though, the warm sunlight improving everyone’s mood. “There’s no class in the afternoon, where are you guys planning to […]

Chapter 025 – Sweet Late Night Whisperings

Translator: PKitty Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria   “Hold on, your legend and the legend that I’ve asked about are different, right? You don’t need to recall it in so much detail.” Gu Zhun just heard Zhang Heng vividly describe the indescribable things that happened in the toilet. Although he seldom masturbated, he knew […]

Vol 1 Chapter 25 – At First Sight

Translator: Linc Editor: Draygan Quality Checker: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria.   When the hunchback old man saw Grandma Li, his reaction seemed like a child, his tears started falling and he couldn’t stop nodding his head. “It’s me, it’s me… I’m sorry, I’m really so sorry.” “I see, as long as it’s really you. […]

Chapter 024 – Car Racing Legend

Translator: PKitty TLC: Momoepom Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria     Zhang Heng took Gu Zhun’s hand and successfully ran to the underground car park that was two streets away from Twilight KTV. Row after row of vehicles were parked in the dark underground car park. It was the wee hours of the morning, so […]

Chapter 022 – Digging Up Information on the Scumbag Superior

Translator: PKitty TLC: Momoepom Editor: Rei Quality Check: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria     During the few days that Gu Li was suspended at home, Gu Zhun would end work punctually every night. Today wasn’t an exception either. Gu Zhun finished tidying the office as well as the documents on the table early, took his briefcase, and walked […]