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Vol 1 Chapter 16 – Funeral

Translator:  MoMoePom Editor: Draygan Quality Checker: Tezuka Special thanks to Kleepart and Sakhyu for helping with the poem. \o/ First Published on Chaleuria.       That evening, Shi Yitong and I changed clothes for the deceased old man and laid his body in the coffin. Mr. Wen stayed by the distraught Grandmother Shi’s side all […]

Vol 1 Chapter 15 – Fate

Translator:  MoMoePom Editor: Draygan Quality Checker: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria.     Coffin? Shi Yitong and I both froze. Last night we were too worried about grandfather’s condition, so none of us paid any attention to the coffin. But now, thinking about it… It didn’t. It really didn’t. It was extremely quiet the whole night. […]

Vol 1 Chapter 14 – Mr. Wen

Translator:  Kelaude, MoMoePom Editor: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria.     The woman pulled the youth’s arm with a helpless and impatient expression on her face. However, no matter how she pulled, he wouldn’t budge an inch. The young lad stubbornly remained crouched on the ground, sobbing, and refusing to go anywhere with the woman. While […]

Vol 1 Chapter 13 – Into the Dream

Translator:  MoMoePom Editor: Draygan Quality Checker: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria.     “A nested coffin?” I was a little lost. I had grown up in the city, and even my deceased grandmother was cremated. Not to mention the difference, this was my first time seeing what a coffin even looked like. “Didn’t you notice that […]

Vol 1 Chapter 12 – Illness

Translator:  Kelaude Editor: Draygan Quality Checker: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria.     I was caught between laughter and tears. “Aren’t you exaggerating too much? You only just met her today!” “What? Gu Yu, are you even a man?” To my surprise, Shi Yitong grumbled. “I can’t believe you don’t feel anything with such a […]

Chapter 013 – Falsely Accusing an Innocent Person

Translator: PKitty Editor: Rei Quality Check: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria     “President Lee, it’s been awhile. Have you been well?” Zhang Heng said a few polite words. An uncle with a beer belly, who was addressed as President Lee, stood up, shook Zhang Heng’s hand, and said: “It’s all thanks to the wine that you got […]

Chapter 012 – Taken Advantage of at the Suit Shop

Translator: PKitty Editor: Rei Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria     The branch company of Zhang corporation that Zhang Heng was in charge of, dealt in the development in the sector of cultural industry, such as programs to construct a museum, programs to design advertisements and electronic literature… This company dabbled in all of them. Their […]