Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits / 都市妖鬼录

Author: Qie Er / 切尔

Translator Group: Chaleuria

Original Publisher: 17k



A tale of urban demons and spirits, the mysterious exorcist and I.

Do you believe that supernatural creatures exist in this world?

I’m an ordinary college student while he’s the handsome and powerful demon exorcist from the mysterious old manor.

Our paths had never crossed before and yet, our fates became intimately entangled after one chance meeting.

The knocking on the coffin in the dead of the night, the little girl weeping inside the box-shaped structure, the good friend of mine who was cursed…

Together, the mysterious exorcist Mr. Wen and I embarked on a path into the world of the grotesque and motley.

Gradually, I realized that I had developed special feelings for him that went beyond friendship…

But, the problem is, I’m a man!

Table of Contents


Volume 1: Book of Thunder


Chapter 1 First Visit

Chapter 2 Small Village (1)

Chapter 3 Small Village (2)

Chapter 4 Coffin

Chapter 5 Nightmare

Chapter 6 The Cat and the Old Residence (1)

Chapter 7 The Cat and the Old Residence (2)

Chapter 8 Spirit Vision (1)

Chapter 9 Spirit Vision (2)

Chapter 10 Three People

Chapter 11 The Past with Water Ghouls

Chapter 12 Illness

Chapter 13 Into the Dream

Chapter 14 Mr. Wen

Chapter 15 Fate

Chapter 16 Funeral

Chapter 17 A New Beginning

Chapter 18 Ji Shi Tang

Chapter 19 The Old Woman’s Story (1)

Chapter 20 The Old Woman’s Story (2)

Chapter 21 Seeking a Person (1)

Chapter 22 Seeking a Person (2)

Chapter 23 Seeking a Memory (1)

Chapter 24 Seeking a Memory (2)

Chapter 25 At First Sight

Chapter 26 To Forget and To Think Of

Chapter 27 The Ferret and a New Case

Chapter 28 Shopping and Lipstick

Chapter 29 Box Type Structure

Chapter 30 Return to the Old Residence

Chapter 31 Bed and Telephone

Chapter 32 Second Visit

Chapter 33 Haunting at Midnight

Chapter 34 Prelude

Chapter 35 Return

Chapter 36 Stakeout

Chapter 37 The Truth

Chapter 38 Epilogue

Chapter 39 Sudden Change

Chapter 40 Adversary

Chapter 41 Friends

Chapter 42 Once Again into a Dream

Chapter 43 A Painful Night

Chapter 44 A Letter of Request

Chapter 45 Train Station

Chapter 46 On the Train

Chapter 47 The Tenderness of the Night

Chapter 48 A Couple of Things

Chapter 49 Quarrel

Chapter 50 Second Aunt Zhang Shanqiu

Chapter 51 Beginning the Investigation (1)

Chapter 52 Beginning the Investigation (2)

Chapter 53 Birthplace

Chapter 54 Conflict Resolved

Chapter 55 Black Bug

Chapter 56 Mad Demon Disease

Chapter 57 Wangliang

Chapter 58 Hospital (1)

Chapter 59 Hospital (2)

Chapter 60 Query

Chapter 61 Restoring Justice

Chapter 62 The Color of Autumn on the Mountains (1)

Chapter 63 The Color of Autumn on the Mountains (2)

Chapter 64 Insect Nest

Chapter 65 Exorcism

Chapter 66 Denouement

Chapter 67 Exorcism Ceremony

Chapter 68 Return

Volume 1 End


Volume 2: Book of Xun


Chapter 1 School Trip

Chapter 2 Setting Out

Chapter 3 Arrival

Chapter 4 Fate Throws Enemies Together

Chapter 5 The Missing Liang Kaifeng

Chapter 6 Discussion of Barriers

Chapter 7 The Forest of Terror

Chapter 8 The Girl Who Lost Her Way

Chapter 9 The End of the Road

Chapter 10 The Truth About Xiaoqiao

Chapter 11 The End

Chapter 12 The Novel

Chapter 13 A Bad Definition

Chapter 14 The Old Couple’s Request

Chapter 15 Send Our Guests To The Door

Chapter 16 Searching for the Jinhua Cat

Chapter 17 Grandpa’s Books

Chapter 18 Grandpa’s Journal

Chapter 19 The Story About The Past

Chapter 20 The Bamboo Forest

Chapter 21 Clingy Girl

Chapter 22 Moxue And The Search

Chapter 23 The Last Day

Chapter 24 The Truth

Chapter 25 The Memory She Hid

Chapter 26 The End

Chapter 27 A Freeze Out

Chapter 28 Dorm Mates

Chapter 29 Rumor About The Haunted Dorm

Chapter 30 The Strange Su Xiaoyun

Chapter 31 The Cause

Chapter 32 The Missing Person

Chapter 33 The Girl Who Jumped Off The Building

Chapter 34 The Murder On Campus (1)

Chapter 35 The Murder On Campus (2)

Chapter 36 Define Death

Chapter 37 The Lecturer Wen (1)

Chapter 38 The Lecturer Wen (2)

Chapter 39 Make Peace

Chapter 40 A Quarrel

Chapter 41 The Old Residence And The Past 

Chapter 42 The Second Victim

Chapter 43 The Sleeping Beauty In The Classroom

Chapter 44 Searching For The Truth

Chapter 45 Graveyard On Campus

Chapter 46 Demon’s Grave

Chapter 47 Devil’s Night (1)

Chapter 48 Devil’s Night (2)

Chapter 49 Meeting Su Xiaoyun Again

Chapter 50 Su Xiaoyun’s Secret

Chapter 51 Su Xiaoyun’s Story (1)

Chapter 52 Su Xiaoyun’s Story (2)

Chapter 53 Parasyte and Cannabilism

Chapter 54 The Cause

Chapter 55 The Evil Spirit and the Contract

Chapter 56 A Talk About Demons and Spirits

Chapter 57 Mysterious Dream

Chapter 58 Someone’s Memory

Chapter 59 Awake

Chapter 60 The Crime Scene

Chapter 61 The Classroom

Chapter 62 Hunting

Chapter 63 Hijack

Chapter 64 Negotiation

Chapter 65 Annihilation

Chapter 66 The End

Chapter 67 The Green Fan

Chapter 68 Xun

Chapter 69 Poem and Affection

Volume 2 End