Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days


Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days

Author: Yi Shu

Original Publisher: Zhongheng




The renowned SI Corporation’s chief designer, Xiao Yu, is young, promising, and brimming with talent. But who would have guessed that the heavens would be jealous of this heroic genius?! After waking up from a car accident, he unexpectedly is reborn as a hamster!

Never mind that he’d turned into a hamster, but the CEO rival he hated the most in his previous life adopted him!

Hamster Xiao declared: Hnn, I’m gonna screw up your company!

Chairman Yan: The weather is turning cold, it’s time to buy small clothes for the hamster and bankrupt SI along the way.

Table of Contents

001 Fish or Hamster – You Can’t Have Both

002 The Unavoidable Murphy’s Law

003 To Remain Silent, or To Be Eliminated

004 Illogical Concern

005 What Date is Today?

006 I’ve Done My Best

007 Tomato-stewed Fish

008 You Are Not Alone

009 Fishy’s iPad

010 Sky-priced Hamster House

011 Which Sentence Did The Lies Start From?

012 Chairman, You’re So Overbearing

013 What’s Wrong With Being Stingy

014 Melon Seeds and Walnuts

015 Man Proposes but God Disposes

016 DontWantToBeExposed.jpg

017 Seems Like I Fooled Him

018 The Meaning of One Month

019 The Real Parvenu Hamster

020 Hamster and Butterfly

021 Those Years With Some Xxxbao Owner Who Produces Replicas

022 Nannan’s Whispers

023 The Guide to Approach a CEO

024 In Fact, Fishy Was Very Important to Him

025 Successful Plan

026 The Confession on the Ferry Boat I

027 The Confession on the Ferry Boat II

028 The Confession on the Ferry Boat III

029 Unfriend for One Minute

030 LIttle, Little Apple

031 The Goal was the Autumn Release Conference

032 The Chairman Who Was Forced to Get Married

033 Hamsters Can Get High Cholesterol Too

034 Grand Diet Plan

035 The Rumored Fiancée

036 Never Covet Your Friend’s Wife

037 Cat and Mouse Partners

038 The War Behind Them

039 New Game

040 Toxic, Toxic

041 Making Trouble Again

042 Fight Me

043 Ending on Bad Terms

044 Incapable Ruler

045 Cufflinks

046 Drunk

047 The Designer That He Admired

048 Four Seasons Manor I

049 Four Seasons Manor II

050 Four Seasons Manor III

051 Autumn Waters in Spring

052 The Lazy Holidays

053 Post-holiday Syndrome

054 It’s All the Game’s Fault

055 Exposed

056 New Account

057 Questioning Segment

058 Permission to Go Out

059 Our Chairman is Aloof as Ever Today

060 The Useless Present

061 The Surprisingly Helpful Nannan

062 Rumors Say That the Chairman Is Getting Married

063 The Miserable Chu Ge

064 The Misery Continues

065 Social Media Weapon

066 The Chaotic Opening Ceremony

067 Winner I

068 Winner II

069 Winner III

070 Designing Objects Other Than Jewelry

071 Needless Doubt

072 The Miserable SI

073 Moonlit Manacles

074 Jewelry Case

075 To be a Self-Aware Hamster

076 The Correct Way to Use ‘A Man of His Words’

077 A Special Way of Confessing

078 Insomnia is Also Contagious

079 The End and the Sequel

080 Weather Change

081 What It Was Like Having Split Personalities

082 An Unexpected Need to Break-up

083 It Would Be Great If He Could Be Exposed Immediately

084 But it Would be Awesome

085 Nannan’s Whispers (II)

086 Nannan’s Whispers (III)

087 Heart Lock

088 The Modeling Hamster

089 You Can’t Do That Even if You’re a Goddess

090 What Goes Around Comes Around

091 It Was Over Just like That

092 En Route

093 Revisiting Four Seasons Manor

094 How Misunderstandings Are Created

095 Who’s Paying for It?

096 Trump Card

097 Being Taken Advantage of As Usual

098 Hacked

099 The Strongest Public Relations Team

100 A Tie-Break in Twelve Hours 

101 Chairman Yan Plays a Game

102 The Wish of a Lifetime

103 One Week

104 Battling Wits and Courage for Nothing

105 To Those Who Cannot Take Advice

106 Before Lunar New Year

107 There Are No What Ifs

108 How to Say Goodbye

109 I Hope That Next Year, I Can Say ‘Happy New Year’ To You Too

110 Omen

111 New Year’s Worries

112 New Car

113 Making Glutinous Rice Balls

114 (Real) Fish and Hamster You Can’t Have Both

115 (Real) I’ve Done My Best

116 The Truth Will Still Lead to Death

117 Mastermind

118 More Troubles Ensues

119 It Could Not Get Any Worse

120 Funeral, Wedding Ceremony and Crime Scene

121 The Meeting of The White Cat and Hamster I

122 The Meeting of The White Cat and Hamster II

123 Discovering The Mystery of Life

124 Panic

125 Forget It Then

126 (Real) Exposed

127 Twists and Turns I

128 Twists and Turns II

129 Twists and Turns III

130 The Light at The End of The Tunnel

131 Wrapped in Happiness

132 Do you want to become a flaw?

133 Regarding Those Ears

134 Come To YL

135 “Lifetime” Contract

136 The Hideously Adorable Design

137 The Great Teacher and the Brilliant Student

138 The Correct Way to Wear An Engagement Ring

139 The Little Tail That Was Forgotten

140 What Could Happen in Two Weeks

141 The Smitten Scoundrel Who Forgot His Friends

142 The Unusual Faye

143 Earth Day

144 First Attempt at Drunk Play

145 So It’s Okay

146 The World Really Is Small

147 The Genius’ Shortcomings

148 It’s Not a Confession

149 An Unexpected Acquaintance

150 Something Feels Wrong

151 The Man Called Yan Jin

152 The Ups and Downs of The Past Two Months

153 Discussion

154 Rumors Will Only Be Stopped By The Wise

155 Settling In

156 I Already Understand

157 Bad Friends

158 The Evolved Incapable Ruler

159 Chairman Yan’s Mark

160 Holding One’s Head High

161 Assets That Could Not Be Given

162 The Person He Should Have Thanked

163 At Every Step

164 About His Elders

165 Improvement

166 Nan Wei Starts His Job

167 The Person In Control (I)

168 The Person In Control (II)

169 The Person In Control (III)

170 The Aftermath Of The Dismissal

171 The Price Of A Bowl Of Noodles

172 Business Trip

173 A Storm Approaches

174 Explosive News

175 Sense Of Security

176 Outside the Cubicle

177 Retribution (I)

178 Retribution (II)

179 Retribution (III)

180 An Unexpected Development

181 A Powerful Comeback (I)

182 A Powerful Comeback (II)

183 A Powerful Comeback (III)

184 Cancelling the Engagement and Coming Out of the Closet

185 An Inescapable Past (I)

186 An Inescapable Past (II)

187 An Inescapable Past (III)

188 Chasing Memories

189 From Triumph to Sorrow (I)

190 From Triumph to Sorrow (II)

191 From Triumph to Sorrow (III)

192 An Unprofessional Abduction

193 Escape

194 Surveillance

195 – Planned and Unplanned

196 – Alice’s Insanity (I)

197 – Alice’s Insanity (II)

198 – Alice’s Insanity (III)

199 -The Result of Overlooking the News

200 – Marriage and Honeymoon

201 – He’ll Be Back

202 – The Final Week

203 – Problems Exposed and an Appeal

204 – Emergence of the Dead

205 – Post-wedding Realizations

206 – Chess (I)

207 – Chess (II)

208 – Chess (III)

209 – Seeing is Believing

210 – Not Taking Visitors

211 – Summer Springs Third Clinic

212 – Will Never Blossom Again

213 – Blood Type Confusion

214 – The Gene Project

215 – External Help

216 – Hard to Say (I)

217 – Hard to Say (II)

218 – Hard to Say (III)

219 – The Rotten Family

220 – Finally, The End

221 – The Life That Could Be Saved

222 – The Cat Clan (I)

223 – The Cat Clan (II)

224 – Epilogue – Winner in Life